Laser Cutting Machine

  1. Fiber laser cutting machine

    The3015DMAlasercuttingmachineadoptsgantrydouble-drive movingstructure,linearguiderailandgearrackdrive,ACservo motordrive,double-sidedvacuumsystem,disposableprocessing rangeof3m*1.5m.Theequipmentmainmachinehasgoodrigidity andhighstrengthandisprocessedbyalargeCNCmillingmachine inLongmen.Boththebedandcrossbeamareweldedbytubesheet structurewithgoodrigidityandstrength.Allweldingpartsareaged toeliminateweldingstressandeffectivelypreventstructural deformation.
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  2. CNC Intersection Line Cutting Machine

    CNC intersection line pipe cutting machine,Customer on-site debugging and sample show.....a. the editing modules for common truss and special truss complete various kinds of intersection cross section editing for ends of the rods within truss at once.b. the most comprehensive range of functions for edition intersection joints and combining joints.c.The machien can generate rod-cutting source code directly from CAD drawing of the pipe truss.d.The machine can perform rod nesting and rod sectioning e. The machine can display and simulate cutting in 3D.
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  3. CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

    Widely used in cutting soft materials in garment, toy, advertising, crafts, industries and precision cutting of wood, acrylic, plastic, glass, paper, etc.
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